5 realities about Qutub Minar, which your book of history has never let you know

Qutub Minar is an absolute necessity visit put in Delhi and for its notable essentialness and amazing interest.

You can’t visit the Indian capital and not get a look at Qutub Minar from very close.

The Qutub Minar has a religious importance to it beside history which makes it way all the more intriguing for the remote nationals. It is situated in the edges of Delhi with an ideal scene to devour your eyes on. There is a variety of other awesome sights around it which you can’t miss once there and the authentic actualities about Qutub Minar are very elating as well.

Here are someof such incidental data that your history book has scarcely given you:

1 – The name Qutub Minar was gotten from Arabic which signifies ‘Pole’or ‘Pivot’. Ibn Batuta, the Moorish explorer portrayed Qutub Minar as one of the miracles in the World and there is no parallel to it in Islam.

2 – It took a stunning 21 years to finish just the main story of this pinnacle. The work began in 1199 AD amid the season of Qutub-clamor Aibak and finished something close to 1220 with 4 stories altogether.

3 – There was an enormous quake in 1503 that influenced the minaret unfavorably. Be that as it may, it was later repaired by the then Sultan Sikander Lodhi by utilizing marbles. From there on, a vault made by Firoz Shah Tughlaq which added 72.55m more length to this minar.

4 – The said vault was however harmed by another tremor in 1828 where the length of the minar decreased to 71.33m.

5 – There was a noteworthy reproduction work completed by Major Robert Smith of the Bengal Engineers who included balustrades that were made in simply gothic style. A passage portal was likewise included the minar.


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