Avenger 4 release date, trailer, budget

Avenger 4 release date, trailer, budget

Avenger 4 release date, trailer, budget ! Avenger fans are eagerly waiting for Avenger 4. At the end of the Avenger infinity war it is said that Thanos will return.It is said that Marvel will release the trailer of Avenger 4 on 28 November 2018. Marvel studio head Kevin Feige stated that Avenger 4 first trailer will be released by the end of this year.

Talking about the superheros appearing in Avenger 4 or Avenger infinity war 2 .it is confirmed that Spider Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Scarlet Witch,Vision, Drax,  Hawkeye, Wasp,  Ant man will be their. Some characters are rumored also  like Doctor Strange and  Gamora etc.

Talking about the budget it is said that Avenger 4 budget is upto $450,000. Saving the Universe from destroying cost big.

Meanwhile, rumors is coming that after the sad dismiss of Stan Lee,production will have some sort of tribute to this legendary comic writer.

Well fans of Avengers have wait for few months to watch their favorite  Superheros  fighting against Thanos.


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