‘Badhaai Ho’ getting excellent response by audience

'Badhaai Ho' getting excellent response by audience
‘Badhaai Ho’ getting excellent response by audience


Artists- Ayushman Khurana, Sanya Malhotra, Nina Gupta, Gajraj Rao etc.

Director- Amit Ravindranath Sharma

Producer- Wild Pictures

Star-**** (Four)

‘Badhaai Ho’ getting excellent response by audience, if  talented artists and good writing come get together, then definitely come as a great movie like ‘Badhaai Ho’. In comedy, someone’s tragedy becomes a comedy for the others. On such an idea, Shantanu Shrivastav Akshat Gildiyal has written a film that will see you laugh and laugh. Directed by Amit Ravindranath Sharma.

The story is that of a family of Delhi, in which the son is young enough to get married, but a conditional romantic parents sit in a mistake and the mother becomes pregnant! However in society you must have seen such situation. But the parents of the marriageable son once again become parents, this condition definitely creates confusion for the whole family and comes out of this situation of humor. “Badhaai Ho” not only make you laughs, but also attracts the attention of family values. How important is the family .‘Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior’ movie shooting started

Talking about acting, Gajraj Rao and Nina Gupta are very capable actors. They has starved embarrassment and shame in this situation, in a very natural way. Both of them are made to look at the performance. Apart from this, this is best roll for Ayushman Khurana. This will be one of the fourth consecutive film hits for him. Sanya Malhotra is a capable actress. She has also played the role of a High Society girl in Delhi very accurately.

Overall ‘Badhaai Ho’ is such a movie, which you can not afford to leave. Such films are rarely made in Bollywood. Look at this film for superb performance, tight story and direction and non-interlude smiles.


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