Irfan Khan tweets that he is suffering from critical illness

Irfan Khan tweets

Bollywood legendary actorIrfan KhanHis fans are worried because of a tweet made by him. Because, important information about Irfan’s health has emerged.

A few days ago, director Vishal Bharadwaj had informed that Irfan was not fit enough and the shooting was postponed. Since then, concerns about Irrfan’s health were being expressed. Irrfan gave a full tweet to yesterday.

Irfan has lost his fans after reading the tweet, and in this tweet, Irfan has reported about a very untimely illness. He said in his tweet that he is undergoing treatment for this disease.

“Sometimes life gives you such a shock that you are a bit awkward. My life has become a mysterious story since the last fifteen days. I did not know that my search for rare stories would lead me to a terminal disease one day. I have never lost my decisions and challenges. That is why they will face the situation. My family and friends are with me during this difficult time. You request, do not spread rumors about mid-health. In the next ten days, I will inform myself about this when the doctor will reach the conclusion of the disease. Until then, pray for me. ”


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