‘Luxury’ is not depression, Deepika Padukone’s answer to Salman Khan

‘Luxury’ is not depression

Deepika Padukone is helping the society fight against depression. For this, he recently launched the foundation called Live Love Laugh. He himself has been a victim of depression and often speaks openly about it. Since making this public public, Deepika has been working on awareness about Mental Health in society.
Deepika Padukone recently said during an event that depression is often considered luxury. There is also a misunderstanding about it that it only happens to successful people. It may be that Deepika’s reaction to the statement about Salman Khan’s Depression is answered.

Talking to the media, Deepika said, “Many syllables are speaking openly about this. This makes the impression that it is only successful and popular.Let me make it clear that it can be from any region to any person. Sometimes it is considered a luxury. It is necessary to break this illusion. ‘

Let’s say that just a few days ago, Salman Khan had said about the depression that he does not have the luxury that he can be depressed, depressed or emotional. However, after his statement, fans also criticized him and now it seems that Deepika has also given a lesson to Salman.



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