Reality show Judge Popon’s kiss Controversy : Papon smiled on how to kiss a 11-year-old girl

Reality show Judge Popon’s kiss Controversy

Bollywood Singer Papon, who is seen as a judge in the singing reality show “The Voice Kids”, has broken his silence on the kiss Controversy. He wrote a post on the tweet that he was badly hurt by the allegations against him. People who know me know that I am a person who is a very emotional, expressive person. This is my way of loving my 11-year-old girl, whom I am a mentor, ‘All the concerts for me are like my child’.

Papon kissing a minor girl jailed for molestation

Singer Papon Caught On Facebook Broadcast Kissing Reality Show Contestant#Papon #Molestation #MeToo

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Let’s tell you that reality show Judge Popon’s kiss Controversy by raising a minor Femal Contestant. This video of the show has become viral on social media since the complaint has been filed against Papon.

Papon has also written, “I am not saying that I am not a mistake, I could have done just that, but in today’s environment, a clear idea of ​​showing a love for a child is also wrong. I apologize for this, but I do not want to call me with different aliases, it is not just me, it is also a matter of respect for the family of that girl. Let me also tell you that the family of that girl Fair is said to be shown as not so in reality. It is just because of the wrong camera angle. ”

He also told that he has been married for 14 years and he has two children. They would never want to do something that caused harm to family or children. He also said that the video was removed from his social media account just because it is also a child and it is a question of his reputation.

Child’s father also defended the Papon

On the whole case, the child’s father defended the singer Papon. They said – ‘Papon is my child’s mentor and guardian. He is doing a lot to further his career. Whatever she has shown in the video she has not been intentionally done. Do not spread the video much.

Complaint against Papon

Complaint has been registered against Papon in the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. It has been alleged that Singer did wrongly what she had done in the show. According to reports, ‘Bollywood Singer Papan did wrongly to a girl during Holi Celebration. Whose video is being viral on social media. After the video was viral, Supreme Court lawyer Runa Bhuyan has complained against singer Papon in the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.


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