Taimur’s photo in “Ponytail” going viral

Taimur’s photo in “Ponytail”

Taimur Ali Khan’s tale of Bollywood’s most talked about and super cute star speaks worldwide. Each of his movements comes in front of everyone after being imprisoned in cameras.Taimur’s photo in “Ponytail” going viral.  Papa Saif Ali Khan and Mummy Kareena also have no objection to their photographs being public, and that’s why Timur is being trending again in the social media today.

Taimur’s photographs on social media often come in, in which till now all the evils were from his cuteness, but in the latest picture, now Taimur’s photo in “Ponytail” going viral , he is admiring the photo of his father Saif Ali Khan and the story of Ponytail is being heard by everyone in his own way.

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From time to time, Kareena and Saif keep photographs of Taimur on social media and the rest of the media photographers. Recently, Rishi and Randhir Kapoor had also got angry over the media for why they remained behind Taimur every time. A few days ago, Saif had said that Taimur does not like people just because he is the son of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, but it is so much more cautious in it that nobody is seen seeing him once and becomes divorced.

Saif Ali Khan recently said in an interview that Taimur has now come to the children of that age, in which the children start reacting after seeing any object. He also does. Things arise, they insist on getting them.When the thing comes in hand, it throws it away from anger. Seeing Taimur’s nowadays actions, he is afraid to take her out and especially when her sister, Inayya Naomi (Saif’s sister Soha’s daughter) is together. It is also because Taimur whips everything. While playing with Anya, she does not have to scratch with nails, so she has to take a lot of attention at that time.


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