Top Five Hollywood movies inspired by Bollywood

Top Five Hollywood movies inspired by Bollywood

Top Five Hollywood movies inspired by Bollywood. We know that every time Bollywood movies are said to be inspired by Hollywood but this time I will tell you the name of some Bollywood masterpiece that inspired Hollywood movies.So this is the list of top  Five Bollywood movies that are remake in Hollywood.

1.Delivery Man (2013) remake of Vicky Doner (2012)

The basic idea of sperm donation, of the film is inspired by Vicky Doner. The main difference between the two movies is lie in the fact that Vince Vaughn’s sperm donation amounted to total 533 kids as compared to Ayushman’s 53 kids.

2.Fear (1996) is remake of Darr (1993)

An American thriller movie Darr is a complete remake of blockbuster hit Darr. Some famous scene from the movie Darr like Shah Rukh Khan carving Kiran on his chest also copied.

3.A Common Man (2013) is remake of A Wednesday (2008)

A Common Man is an official remake of  A Wednesday. Ben Kingsley is much inspired by the movie A Wednesday and decided to make remake in Hollywood. 

4.Pearl Harbor (2001) is remake of Sangam (1964)

Pearl Harbor is about a romantic love triangle between two best friends and a girl. The story of the movie is completely similar the only difference is that in Sangam only one friend is pilot but in Pearl Harbor both the friends are pilot.

5.Kill-Bill (2003)is a remake of Abhay (2001)

This famous thriller story by Quentin Tarentino had himself told Anurag Kashyap that his movie is inspired by Kamal Hassan starrer Abhay.


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