Urvashi Routela quotes on comparison with Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut

Rupesh Kumar Gupta, Mumbai Emraan Hashmi’s 2005 film Aashik Bhabha made Tit’s Song a huge hit. The song is now returning to the big screen, in which the glamorous version of Urvashi Routela can be seen. This song has been included in Hate Story 4. On the occasion of this song launch, Urvashi talked about the comparison of his film to Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut’s film fashion.

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Urvashi Routela’s highly glamorous look can be seen in the movie Hate Story 4. In the launch program of this film, Urvashi told about the comparison with the fashion movie that they do not make any difference to them. Describing this, Urvashi Routela says, “The film can be compared to the characters of the film, compared to the characters of Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut, because both films have a role of supermodel.But it does not make any difference to me, and the stories of both the films are quite different. While Hate Story 4 is a hat-studio, the film was associated with the fashion modeling industry, in which the reality of the modeling industry was shown. There is nothing to do with the other Hath Story 4 movie fashion.

It is worth mentioning that Himesh Reshamiya’s famous song ‘Asik Bana Ye’ has been included in the film Het Story 4 in a new style. The special thing is that this song was very popular in the same name in the movie and in the movie that took place about 13 years ago, Imran Hashmi was in the lead role. Film Hate Story 4 is being released on March 9 this year, which is directed by Vishal Pandya.


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