What is Neuroendocrine tumor? Learn more about the rare disease that has affected Irrfan Khan

In a few days, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has revealed more about his illness. Irfan said he was a rare disease of the neuro endocrine tumor.

What is Neuroendocrine tumor?

It is a disease that affects the nervous system that is produced by the hormone in the body, or the neuroendrons. The neuroendocrine tumor or NET is the growth of tissue in these nerves. Such tumors are also used for the stomach. The lungs, pancreas, and others are usually affected by the disease. But any part of the body may be affected by this disease.

Endocrine tumor is the tumor that can be produced in the hormone-generated cells in the body. But if cancer cells are nervous, it is known as the Neuroendocrine tumor.

Decide whether it is serious or not, like all cancers, on which stage it is. It is the critical condition of the disease.

Various type of neuroendocrine tumors:

The neuroendocrine tumor determines what type of body that affects the body. Various types of neuroendocrine tumors are the  Merkel cell cancers, Carcinoid, Gastrinoma, Somatostatinoma, adrenomedullary etc.



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