What Ram Gopal verma Tweeted about Sridevi’s death ?? lets see

What Ram Gopal verma Tweeted ??

Sridevi’s death has created a big moment in the country. The reason for the death of Sridevi for the past two days is that the heart attack has changed now. The new angles are behind the death of Sridevi. Sridevi’s death has become a mystery .. In this case, her husband Boney Kapoor is investigating the police. Director Ramgopal Verma responded once again.

When Sridevi was alive she said that she was talking about beauty, body, gestures, lips, waist … but now she is talking … she says she has alcohol in her blood and that there is water in the lungs and that there is something in the stomach. “Who’s the worst thing that anyone’s life will end? It is sad to hear her death news like this. This is what I want to kill me, “Verma tweeted.

What Ram Gopal verma Tweeted about Sridevi’s death ??




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