Why Kajol sent daughter Nyasa without informing Ajay, Singapore

Why Kajol sent daughter Nyasa to Singapore

Mumbai. Bollywood’s famous actress Kajol and actor Ajay Devgan have sent their daughter Nyasa to Singapore to study. It is reported that Nyasa has been admitted to a boarding school in Singapore. In a recent interview given to Kajol, Kajol told that earlier he had not told Ajay about sending Nyasa to the foreign country. This decision was taken by Kajol alone.

Although he later understood it necessary to tell Ajay He thought Ajay could also keep his opinion about this. According to Kajol, she understands the daughter more and hence she will think well about her. Her husband was surprised to hear his decision.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol married about 19 years ago. Both of them have two children, daughter Nyaasa and son era. Kajol said that removing his child from himself is a difficult task for every parent. However later it is understood that it has the good of the child. It was a very difficult watch for me but it was even more difficult for Ajay.

Kajol told that he had stayed away from home and had studied from boarding school only. As a parent, this has to be done for their children, because children are well-fortified and it is painful for us.

Some time ago in the media, Ajay Devgn had admitted that Kajol’s parents are quite strict as both parents behave in a similar way with both of them. They know when to scold children and when to love them.

Kajol said that children are sensible before the onset of people, but they should have the freedom of their safety and privacy as a StarKids.


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