Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!! 30th December 2017!! Written Episode!! Written Update 


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!! 30th December 2017!! Written Episode!! Written Update

The Episode begins with Raman and Ishita contending. He requests that her go along. Pihu expresses gratitude toward Lord and says this was best Christmas present. Aaliya asks where is Ishita, even Raman didn’t come. Pihu giggles and says I have bolted Raman and Ishita. She demonstrates the keys. Aaliya asks you bound them, how could you do this. Pihu demonstrates the pic. Aaliya chuckles.

Raman gets tingling. She requests that he expel the garments. He asks are you frantic, you remain away, you generally gravely eye me. He expels Santa garments. Ishita gets scissors. Raman requests that her dismiss. He gets off the outfit.

Aaliya and Pihu seek supper. Simmi asks where is Raman. Amma asks where is Ishita. Aaliya says Papa needed to clean up, Ishita got a crisis call. Amma says she didn’t let me know. Aaliya signs Amma. Amma says

Ishita is extremely specific about her work. Mr. Bhalla says they will come, we will arrange sustenance. Aaliya demonstrates the pic to Amma. Amma chuckles. Aaliya says Pihu did this. Raman and Ishita enter the washroom. She requests that he shower as he is having sensitivity. He asks are you frantic, will you see me having a shower. She says you are stupid, come. She puts the window ornaments and requests that he shower. He cautions her against peeping inside. Raman scrubs down. She snickers. Yeh hai mohabbatein… .plays… .. she gives him towel. He requests that her give garments. She passes the garments. He requests that her pivot. He tosses the towel on her. She grins. He solicits what should I do from this now. She requests that he have persistence. She says we will tear the garments again and after that we will line it. He calls her Madrasan. She asks him did he call her Madrasan. He requests that her come. They take off.

Everybody gets the nourishment served. Simmi says Ishita didn’t come till now. He says possibly totes are in her tote. She asks is Ishita and Raman together, I will have a go at calling him. She calls Raman. She asks who has the telephone. She calls once more. Aaliya turns off the telephone. Simmi asks in what manner would this be able to happen. Mr. Bhalla requests that her not stress. Parmeet says Raman will come, have sustenance.

Driver sees Raman and Ishita cuffed. He asks them did they flee from some place. Raman asks do you think policemen make such binds with hide. Driver says I know who uses such stuff, too bad. Ishita requests that driver not botch up with perilous Raman. She grins. Simmi says I will go out and search for Raman. Adi and Appa say we will go. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will come. Raman and Ishita meet up, and conceal the binds with the coat. Simmi asks Raman where was he. Raman asks is these inquiries pixie, we will eat. He sits with Ishita. Simmi thinks the end result for Raman. Aaliya signs Amma. Amma says I will serve, you don’t do anything, I will help. Everybody gazes at Raman. Ishita requests that he eat sustenance by her hand. She bolsters him. Simmi asks Raman for what reason is he eating sustenance with left hand. He requests that her not address him. Mr. Bhalla requests that Simmi have nourishment and not stress. Ishita helps Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein… . Iyers and Pihu grin seeing Raman and Ishita.

Parmeet says perhaps they have a few subtle elements against us, Ishita could have demonstrated to him the papers. Simmi stresses. Amma advises the issue to Appa. Raman pays the bill. He requests that everybody go, he will accompany Ishita. Simmi requests that he return soon. Simmi sits tight for them. She requests that Ishita go her home, she needs to converse with Raman. Raman says she can’t abandon me. He demonstrates the binds and says Pihu has tied us. They go. Simmi gets furious. Everybody sees the cuffs. Raman says Pihu did this. He requests that Pihu open the sleeves, as Ishita and he have turned companions.

She concurs and searches for keys. She misses the keys. Simmi admonishes her. Pihu says too bad. Simmi goes to slap her. Raman holds Simmi’s hand and stops her. Everybody looks on. Raman says don’t you set out, Pihu is my little girl, don’t set out to slap her, take a gander at her, she got excessively frightened, she has done this with me, I have ideal to admonish her, not you, simply be her Bua. Simmi begins lying. She shields herself. She says Pihu ought to understand her mix-up. Ishita says she has understood her oversight. Pihu says extremely sad, I had kept the keys in my sack. Ishita says don’t stress, we will get the keys, Raman isn’t irritated, you are his princess. Raman says yes, its alright. Simmi apologizes. Raman says I won’t endure this next time. He sends Pihu with Aaliya..


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