Actress Ahana Kumara has also accused Sajid Khan

Actress Ahana Kumara has also accused Sajid Khan
Actress Ahana Kumara has also accused Sajid Khan

These days, due to the #MeToo campaign in Bollywood, many actors, directors and producers have been accused of sexual harassment. Actress Saloni Chopra and Simran Suri have already been accused of sexual harassment by Famous Director Sajid Khan . However, now the film ‘Lipstick under my Burka’, actress Ahana Kumara has also accused Sajid Khan. Ahana, who has been working in the industry for the last 10 years, said in her interview with the Bombay Times,  she said during a meeting, Sajid invited her to his house and started asking sex related questions.

According to Ahana, I had a meeting with Sajid Khan about a year ago. Though I had the idea that he is a not good man, but I still met him and he did the same, which Saloni Chopra has said in his charge. Ahana further said- When I reached his house, he took me to his room. There was not even light in that room. After this he asked me to sit and said that he wants to know about me. I asked him – why do not we sit outside? So Sajid said that my mother is sitting outside, why bother her Then I asked him to turn the lights on. He turned on the lights and started asking me about it.

  According to Ahana, telling him about myself, I told him that my mother is a police officer. I said so because he might have been conscious. He was a bit sensitive yet Sajid asked me- if I give you 100 crores, will you have sex with a dog? I was shocked to hear this unconscious question of Sajid. In fact, Sajid said if i want to be a heroine of mainstream films  I had to laugh at his jokes. He told me that I think so much and I’m not the mainstream movie material.

In addition to Ahana Kumara, till now 5 more women have been accused of sexual harassment on Sajid Khan. These include Saloni Chopra and a senior journalist. Apart from this, model-actress Rachel White, Actress Simran Suri and Priyanka Bose have also accused Sajid of sexual harassment.


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