Arjun Rampal separated from wife after 20 years of life

While talking about marriage at one go in Bollywood, Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr  surprised  everyone by the decision of separation Mehr was former Miss India and an Indian supermodel.They  had built a marriage for twenty years  However, the Bombay Times has said that both of them have finally decided to separate.

‘After 20 years of beautiful journey of life, our path has become different. Now we have decided to go by different ways. But we will continue to be with each other, always be able to help each other. “Both of them have confirmed the story of divorce.Both Arjun and Mehr have two daughters, so both of them have said that we will always be together but at the same time we will not take a look in each other’s private life. Although we feel awkward to announce the decision to separate.

In 1998, Mehr and Arjuna got stuck in marriage. The reason behind the separation of Arjuna and Mehr is Suzanne Khan. Some years ago, Suzanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan were divorced. At that time Arjun’s name was associated with Suzanne Arjun’s growing close association with Suzanne , Mehr was trying to dispute the differences between the two couples. Arjun and Suzanne have never spoken openly about their relationship, but Arjun has decided to completely screen the entire issue after announcing the separation from Mehr.


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