Chitrangada said producer told to me to do dirty work

Chitrangada said producer told to me to do dirty work
Chitrangada said producer told me to do dirty work

#MeToo : Campaign has been fully spread in Bollywood. There is a big disclosure one after the other, the names of those actors have also been revealed which you may not even be able to catch. Every woman is exposed to the punishment of the offenses committed against her. In the meantime, Bollywood actress Chitrangada said producer told me to do dirty work during the shooting of  film ‘Babumoshai Bandooqbaaz’ in the year 2016, when producer Kushan Nandy is shooting. According to reports, during the shooting  Chitrangada,  said that he used to irritate her and said ‘take out your sari, go over your hero and rub yourself’.

This time, when Chitrangada protested against it, she was made disturbed till she bow down. According to the web portal, Chitrangada revealed that the actor himself and his co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui also did not come forward for her support in the film. Instead, he was watching everything when the producer and director were troubling her. Chitrangada said that ‘I requested that this is not my work. I said that I was wearing only petticoats under the sari. The director told me not to quarrel and only do what is necessary. I was threatened to do this. Some crew members in the film were modified, but, Nawaz sat quietly.

Chitrangada further stating, “Kushan Nandy came to me later.”He did not even ask me whether I am right or not. He asked me, ‘Are you shooting Seen?’ I said no. He went from there. Nawaz could stand against my persecution, but he did not. When strong men of the film industry do not take stand, the oppressors are encouraged. ‘ Chitrangada further said- “As much as I want to forget this incident, I refuse to say it. Two years ago when I talked about it then I was proved to be ‘bothered’ and ‘Moody’. Unless the women in the film industry raise voice against exploitation, they will continue to exploit them.

Chitrangada said,  It is also true that women  are the worst enemies of women. Even when I was being harassed on the set of ‘Babumoshai Bandooqbaaz’, even then the film’s female producer was spoiling things for me.

Chitrangada will soon be seen with Saif Ali Khan and Rohan Mehra in the film ‘Baazar’.


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