Daily horoscope December 2017

Daily horoscope December 2017


Are you going to be the only one sipping green juice at a drug-fuelled party? Your tribe says a lot about your vibe. Weed out the ones who keep you from living your highest purpose. There’s a whole wide world waiting to be conquered by you!


Not knowing is the best feeling in the world! It gives you scope to improvise as you go along. New work opportunities may seem daunting at first, but there’s nothing you’ll love more than learning on the job.


Nothing will bring you more pleasure than being in the spotlight; for all the right reasons of course. A project closes to your heart reaches a point of culmination. Don’t be afraid to unveil your masterpiece before the world.


You’ve laid the perfect foundation. What’s next? Finding a plan of action that’s perfectly aligned with your goals. World domination looks good on you, Cancer!


Soulmates or star-crossed lovers? Don’t crate tragedies where there are none. Open your heart to this cosmic love.


You like your strength like you like your tea, organically sourced. Things with a friend or lover may get bitter, reminding you of the old wounds you have been carrying. Spending time in solitude will give you the perspective you need.


Love and longing are so last season. Where do you stand on the subject of holiday romance? Ready or not, the knight in shining Armani charms you with his daredevil moves. As long as you stick to fun and games, you should be good.


If you think confrontation is daunting, try not speaking your truth. That stuff will suffocate you. Communication is the key to building an authentic bond.


Skiing down the sunny Alps with your beloved in tow or eat-pray-loving your way through Bali? Something tells me you’re leaning towards the latter. Solo tripping is the new black. Say yes to unknown lands and brand new adventures.


Things with a loved one could get bitter. Watch your actions. Watch your words even closer. They have the power to both forge and destroy bonds.


Got your eyes on something (or someone)? Channel your inner warrior, Aquarius. There’s a long road ahead and victory has always been your middle name.


The last step is usually the most challenging one. Remind yourself how close the finish line is. Tap into the reservoir of infinite strength that has got you this far.


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