Dev Anand’s Birthday special

Dev Anand's Birthday special
Dev Anand’s Birthday special

New Delhi: Dev Anand’s Birthday special :In the  50-60s, in the Hindi films, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, and Dev Anand played the sting. Dilip was a serious rolling tragedy king, so Charlie Chaplin was the name of the small-hearted little man like Raj Kapoor. But for the romance, style and savvy personality, the name that was just and only singled out was Dev Anand. There were millions of lovers of Dev Anand. Dev Anand used to sing a penny on one of the pleasures, Dev Anand himself was a part of the audience, but the longest hope he had played from his life. Let us tell you that on 26th September, Dev Saheb was born and on the occasion of his birthday, we are telling you today about his love story that every street, every area was mentioned in that era. The story of this love story in the headlines is such that even today, if someone takes the name of Dev Anand, Suraiya’s name comes automatically.

The love story of Dev Anand and Suraiya started in 1948. Suraiya used to sing her own songs in films. Dev Anand had just come out new He was signed for ‘Vidya’ in which Suraiya was his heroine. This was the first meeting of both of them here. The first day was to be filmed romantic scenes between the two. During the shoot, Dev Anand Suraiya had so many convincing arguments that he thought that during that scene somebody could click on one of his photographs. At first glance, both of them had fallen in love. This film was to be filmed in a river.During the shoot the boat turned and Suraiya fell into the water. After this, Dev Anand saved her.This was the moment when both of them got unimaginable love.

Whenever Dev Anand used to go to Suraiya’s house, his friends,etnangled  Suraiya’s grandmother, in things, and she spent the quality time with each other by going to the Love Bird roof. In the 1949 film ‘Vijay’, there was a marriage scene, both of them thought that they would call the real scholar in the scene and get married. The news reached Suraiya’s grandmother and she forced Suraiya to take her home. Due to the separation of the religion of both, Suraiya’s grandmother was not prepared for this relationship and the two had to separate. After this Suraiya never married and lost in the memories of God.


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