From the world of the game, the bolstered anger of Bollywood on Kathua gang rape

New Delhi: I was an eight year old uncle of Kathua. Some people’s misdeeds were so heavy on my destiny that I could not utter words. But the disaster with my body is enough to tell which pain I was going through. When I looked at Police Uncle, he hoped that he would probably protect me. But when he said that let me do all that … then all my expectations of living went on.I was pissed off, there were frightening faces of those people in front of the eyes..and the decision was made about me. Asifa is no longer in this world. But from the sports world, the anger of the film has broken into its own style.

Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir said in the IPL, “Indian consciousness was unarmed and then raped in Kathua. It is now being assassinated in our rotten system,I challenge you, come face to face, you have the courage to punish the culprits. “After this, Gambhir said in the next tweet,” The people who harassed and challenged our distressed daughter’s lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat, especially Kathua Lawyers should be ashamed. Now save the rapist from daughter save now? ‘

The famous tennis player Sania Mirza said that do we want to make the identity of such a country in the world? If we can not stand beyond the caste, religion, color, and stand for eight years of innocence then believe that there can not be any standing in this world, even for humanity .. I You feel helpless

Simi Grewal expressed her anger on her Twitter, did something like this … There is no other caste in this planet which is more barbaric than this. So many demons are Asifa’s rapist. There is no punishment for this crime for these people. Only 8 year old child? I can only ask where is God? ‘

Film actress Sonam Kapoor tweeted that “Fake Nations and Fake Hindus should be ashamed. I can not believe that this is happening in our country. ‘

In his tweet, Farhan Akhtar says, ‘Just think what would have happened to the 8-year-old girl, with whom it was a gross offense. The gang raped the girl and she was killed. If you can not ask for justice for Asifa then you are nothing and can not do anything. ‘

Javed Akhtar also tweeted in the Kadua Rape case case: “Anyone who is seeking justice for women and for them in justice, should take stand after knowing this incident. The voice should rise. Raise the voice against the rapists. Also raise voice against those who want to save them in Unnao and Kathua.

According to the chargesheet, the accused had given drugs to the girl for sticking her to keep the girl hostage in the Goddess. Kishor played a major role in raping and raping her with kidnapping, murder and warring and treasury. It says that the teenager attacked the girl’s head twice with a stone and threw her dead body into the jungle. Actually, he wanted to throw Asifa’s body in the canal. But due to lack of vehicle, his plan failed.






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