#MeToo have once again appeared in the name of Anu Malik

#MeToo have once again appeared in the name of Anu Malik
 #MeToo have once again appeared in the name of Anu Malik

 #MeToo have once again appeared in the name of Anu Malik . Earlier Singer Sona Mahapatra named Anu Malik in a written post accusing Kailash Kher. But this time Singer Shweta Pandit has come forward and accused Anu Malik. Simultaneously, thanking Sona about opening a front against Anu.

Shweta wrote, “In the year 2000, through the film Mohabbatein, I started in the film industry. This song becomes famous. I got a good welcome in the music industry. To pursue this success, I was looking for some good songs. About a year later in 2001, I received a call from Anu Malik’s manager Mustafa. They called me to Empire Studios in Andheri. I was a fan of Anu Malik’s work, so he was quite excited about this meeting. When I reached the studio with my mother, he (Anu Malik) was recording a song for ‘Awara Paagal Deewana’ with Sunidhi and Shan. I was asked to wait in a small cabin there. Only then (Anu Malika) and I was there.

‘Anu Malik asked me to sing some songs without music because he wanted to hear my voice. I remember that for the voice test, I sang the title track of ‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’. When I sang well, he said, ‘I will sign you with Sunidi and Shaan, but first I have to do’ after that he started smiling. I became numb and my face became pale. ‘

Shweta wrote, ‘At that time I was only 15 years old, I used to study in school. Can anyone feel what I would have felt at that time? I felt like someone knocked a knife in my stomach. I used to call them Anu uncle. He knew my family for years. He used to call my father as Mandher Bhai and do this with his brother’s daughter? He has two daughters himself. It was the worst experience of my life. I could not even talk to my parents about this. I could not get help from anyone, and I was in depression for several months. ‘


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