Nawaz said “He didn’t work for ticket window”

Nawaz said "He didn't work for ticket window"
Nawaz said “He didn’t work for ticket window”

Mumbai Nawazuddin Siddiqui is in the discussion regarding his movie Manto these days. Nawaz said “He didn’t work for ticket window”. Box office figures do not get trapped.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui said, “If I pay attention to the ticket window, then I do films on the hit formula of Bollywood. i do  Five movies, out of which  two of them hits. But I have never done box office films “. He says about the content films that there is a lot of rubbing of films here. Especially with small budget content films, they are very much appreciated in the festival. But here our film reviewers make everything bad in the film that does not work. Whatever is going on in it, all good. While seventy percent of bad films are gone. Those people are forgetting that by killing small films you are killing the cinema. The way the digital medium is standing like an elephant, it will be a challenge for our films. If the small films with content will not be promoted then we are finished.

For entertainment, people will watch movies of Hollywood’s ‘Larger Than Life’ and they are digital. Hollywood is standing at a big level. We are not able to understand this and we are going to have trouble. It is therefore necessary that content cinema should be promoted.

Nawaz said about Manto,  that yes, my appearance is different from Manto but we get temperament and thinking same. What we can not say in real life, being an artist, the advantage is that we can speak about that thing through our character, so I said yes to Manto because his sensitivity and thinking is  just like me. As soon as Nandita told Nawaz that she was making a film on Manto. Nawaz immediately said yes. The movie Manto is scheduled to be released on September 21.


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