Papa Saif Ali Khan will soon be seen with daughter Sara Ali Khan in Filmistan

New Delhi: Sara Ali Khan is very much in the news about his forthcoming films these days. This year, Sara’s two films are being released simultaneously in a short time. It is also reported that she has signed her third movie ‘Filmistan’. Saif Ali Khan, one of the most popular Bollywood actors, will soon be seen along with his daughter Saraย  Ali Khan in the film ‘Filmistan’.Sara is going to start her career in Bollywood this year and she got an opportunity to make a film with her father Saif Ali Khan even before the end of the year. Saif Ali’s last film ‘Chef’ was based on the relationship between father and son.

According to the DNA report, Saif Ali has given his approval to film ‘Filmistan’ by director Nitin Kakkar. Saif told DNA, “Nitin Kakkar and I are talking for the film ‘Filmistan’ but it is in the initial steps. We have not finalized this yet, the script is very good, based on the relationship between father and daughter .”

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One source told DNA that this film is a comic. This movie is based on the relationship between a father and daughter and the similarity between them and the message will also be there for the audience. The source further said that, “Nitin has chosen Sara Ali Khan for the role of daughter, it will be Saif and Sara’s first film.Both have liked the story and both have given their approval. Now it is left to decide the date. Sara and Saif were the first choice ofย  Nitin and the producers thought that this would be an interesting story. ”

These days, Sara Ali Khan’s two back-to-back movies are coming. Sara is ready for her Bollywood debut with herย  film ‘Kedarnath’. Unlike Sara in the film, actor Sushant Singh Rajput and directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The film is being released on November 28 this year.

The film ‘Kedarnath’ has been described as a love story set in the backdrop of flash flood, which badly affects the famous temple town in June 2013, it is a powerful combination of love and religion, passion and spirituality. This epic love The flood that killed more than one hundred thousand people for the story is a powerful backdrop.

Also, Sara’s second movie is ‘Simba’.ย  oppositeย  Ranveer Singh will be seen. The movie ‘Simba’ is being directed by Rohit Shetty and co-produced by Karan Johar. ‘Simba’ is ready to hit the screens on December 28, 2018.



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