Priyanka Starrer ‘Quontico’ producer apologies for showing India in negative form

ABC Studios has apologised to the Indian Nationalists in Quintino’s latest episode of planning a terror attack just before a conference in Kashmir in New York in Manhattan and show that Pakistan is trapped for it there is also Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra.

Series Indian fans strongly criticised ‘The Blood of Romeo’ episode. He also criticised Priyanka for being part of a story showing India in negative form. Indian fans said that Quantico’s writers intervened on the Indo-Pak issue without any comprehensive understanding.

ABC Network has issued a statement between these criticisms. It said, ‘The executive producers of ABC Studios and Quantoico apologise to our fans because of our latest episode’ The Blood of Romeo ‘. The statement said, ‘Quontico’ is a fictitious composition.The program has been shown to have negative characters with different ethnic and background, but in this case we have unknowingly intervened in a complex political issue which we regret. We definitely did not want to hurt anyone. ‘

The producers said that Priyanka should not be held guilty for the episode as she had no control over it. He said, “There was a lot of emotions hurt by the episodes, whose target was wrongly created as Priyanka Chopra who neither composed, wrote or directed the program. There is no role in the selection of artists in their program or in the story shown in the series. ‘


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