Rajkumar Rao my one and only freind in Bollywood : Patralekha

Anupriya Verma, Mumbai Patralekha today is very excited about his new movie Janu of Nanu. She says that she liked the story of this film. It has been four years since Patralekha in the industry and Nanu’s Janu is his third film. She says that she has to do all kinds of films.

Patralekha told Jagaran.com about his journey that no one came from there in Hindi cinema from where he came from. She came from Shillong. She says that “Yes it is true that the journey was hard for me. None of my family friends were in this industry when I came to Mumbai. I came to Mumbai to attaned College Slowly it took quite a while. I used to do audition for Ad so that I got an opportunity to reach the directors by working there.Six years back at that time the internet was not in this way. I found the way for myself, but today the explosion of the Internet is amazing. Actors have started getting plenty of opportunities. She says that she has not been able to make any close friends in the industry even today. His only friend is Rajkumar Rao. She says that she has to do a lot of work now and she has not yet been explored according to her talent.

When asked if it is not because of the reason that she is close to Rajkumar Rao. In this reply, Patralekha says that if this happens, then Rajkumar is getting movies, then why not me? She says that I do not believe that it is wrong to have one friend and one partner in the long run. I will get married, will I work for 50 years, even then will these things come out.She says that I do not avoid talking about the relationship because I can not hide it. All know She says that she still does not have good films, so she can not say yes to the bad films just because her list of films is long. Regarding her film Love Games, she says that the film has made the situation worse for me but I do not want to talk more about it.

Patralekha also says that I do not have so many friends, so I do not take anyone’s opinions . Talking about acting, she says that I keep doing workshops. Web series. Learned dance Patralekha says that one thing I have kept in mind is that I will never return. I will always keep working like this.


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