Remembering Mughal e Azam of India Prithviraj Kapoor on his 111th Birthday.

Mumbai. Prithviraj Kapoor is one of the filmmakers or artists who have contributed to the development and promotion of Indian cinema. Prithviraj’s death date is May 29. In 1971, today this star of Hindi cinema was extinguished forever. At that time he was 64 years old. Prithviraj Kapoor gave so much to the cinema that his legacy will keep him alive forever.

Despite being born in a zamindar family in Lehalpur, Punjab on November 3, 1906..From childhood, he got the interested in  theater.  Prithviraj Kapoor  plays the  role of Badshah Akbar in the classic movie Mughal-e-Azam, is remembered for his cramped voice,attitude and superb acting ability. Despite getting wealth and fame from the films, this wonderful artist has a strong attachment to theater. He laid the foundations of the Kapoor clan, who achieved a distinct position in the film industry, and his legacy was followed by the next few generations.

Prithviraj was one of the most educated actors of his time. He was married only at the age of 17. In 1928, Prithviraj Kapoor, with financial help from his aunt, arrived in Mumbai. This year, ‘Khandan’ was the first film of his career. After struggling in the film industry for nearly two years, Prithviraj Kapoor got the chance to work as a co-actor in the first talkie film ‘Alam Ara’ in 1931.After the success of Devaki Bose’s film ‘Sita’ in 1934, actor Prithviraj Kapoor succeeded in making his mark. Prithviraj has worked in nine silent films such as ‘Two Dhari Talwar’, ‘Sher A Punjab’ and ‘Prince Rajkumar’.

After retiring from films and theater, Prithviraj Kapoor started living in a cottage  on the Juhu beach in Mumbai, which was called Earth Shack. The property was rented, which was later purchased by Shashi Kapoor and placed the foundations of the Prithvi Theater right here. Prithviraj and his wife Ramsarani had cancer. It is a coincidence that even in the death of both, there was not much difference. Prithviraj Kapoor died on May 29, while his wife was disrupted on June 14. Rishi Kapoor has tweeted that his real name was Prithvinath Kapoor.


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