Saif disclose some interesting facts about Taimur

Saif disclose some interesting facts about Taimur
Saif disclose some interesting facts about Taimur

Saif Ali Khan is coming to win the audience’s heart through the film ‘Bazaar’ on the big screen after making a comeback in the web series ‘Sacred Games’. During the promotion of the film,Saif disclose some interesting facts about Taimur, Saif opened many interesting roles on his beloved and most famous star kid Taimur Ali Khan in an interview in Live Hindustan. When Saif was asked that he had trouble with so much popularity that Taimur received on which he said we see it normally. People like him very much, take his photographs.

Saif further said, “Timur is now learning to speak. He started saying hi, water, at least, abba and dada. Sometimes he even calls me sir because her mother calls me sir. In fact, Saif told that his Naini called  Taimur  sir.

Speaking about Timur, Saif said that he is now becoming quite a naughty. He told that he spend most of the time with Taimur only. Saif, referring to an incident, said that once he went out with Timur. There a boy who was staring Taimur for a long time. Saif asked him if he needed any help? He said that he is the fan of Timur and wants to have a photo with him. It’s a pleasure for me and my son.

Talk about Saif’s movie ‘Bazaar’, it is a thriller directed by Gaurav K Chawla. It has been shown in the trailer that Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra) comes from Allahabad and wants to be a big man by working with Shakun (Saif Ali Khan). A big twist comes with the entry of Radhika Apte, which you will have to watch the movie to know.


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