Salman Khan arrived at dhaba in hot summer

Returning to Mumbai after staying in Jaisalmer for three days for the shooting of ‘Race-3‘, Salman was with Jacqueline Fernandez and Bobby Deol. The entire team was returning to Mumbai after completing the Monday shoot. At around 10:45 p.m. on Monday morning while returning from  Jaisalmer to Jodhpur the whole unit, along with Salman, stayed on a dhaba in Dhandania village near Balesar. Salman got off the car and went straight inside and asked opening the fridge, what is made? After that he himself went to the kitchen and ordered a lunch by looking at the vegetable.

Dhabda onwer Bhagirath Devasi told that Salman had ordered Kang Sangri, Potato pea and Paneer vegetable, Masala Papad and Green Salad with bread in the lunch. I asked him to sit inside, but Salman turned out  on charpai and asked to put the plate there.By the time the food was ready, Salman kept on relaxing on charpai . When the lunch is ready he  enjoys eating it indigenously. By eating with his hands instead of spoon.

Bodyguard Shera, actress Jacqueline Fernandez also took the same food. After eating, the unit also ordered tea and coffee. A bill of about 1400 rupees was paid  by Shera. Salman, who stayed here for nearly an hour,Salman did not allow them to take photo During this time, Jacqueline groomed the cow’s calf and gave it bread. Although the news of Salman’s arrival was there, Balasar police also reached there and remained there  till Salman left the place. After lunch, unit members reached Jodhpur airport and took  flight to Mumbai.


The fans is been waiting for Race 3 trailer for long time, it seems that it will not be complete even today. On May 10, Salman tweeted that the trailer would be released on May 15, but Salman tweeted on Monday evening that it is now being doubtful. In this tweet, Salman said, “I feel  little doubtful tomorrow. Although he did not mention the trailer in the tweet, but posted some smiley.


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