Sumit and Ekta will be married on 15th September

Sumit and Ekta will be married on 15th September

The date of marriage of Sumit Vyas and Ekta Kaul, seen with Kareena Kapoor in ‘Veerre De Wedding’, has   confirmed. Sumit and Ekta will be married on 15th September. In an interview given to a Leading Newspaper, Sumit told that, before Ekta change her mind , I propose her, though the size of the ring was wrong, but still Ekta has exposed my proposal. Sumit and Ekta will be married on 15th September.

Srimat said: We have planned a grand wedding. But it will be very personal. Sumit and Ekta were met during a show’s promo shoot. After this, Ekta and Sumit came together in the reality show of cricket. Both are dating for a year.
– Ekta’s family lives in Jammu. So both of them will be married in Jammu instead of Mumbai. All the functions of the wedding will be according to the Kashmiri custom.

Ekta Kaul told in an interview to a newspaper that Sumit had come to Jammu to meet his parents before proposing her. I do not know why Sumit thought that I would except his proposal immediately. While I never said no to Sumit.

Ekta further said that Sumit is a very nice person. He never loose his temper and   work hard too. That’s why I got attracted towards him..

Sumit Vyas plays the character of Mikesh Chaudhary in the 2014 “Permanent Roommate” series. Sumit has recently been signed for the second season of the web series ‘It’s Not That Simple’.


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